Ventilation condition survey

Ventilation condition survey

The purpose of ventilation is to provide fresh and healthy indoor air.


Design specifications

Experiences of those using the premises, any special requirements for indoor air cleanliness, classification (S), as for materials classification (M), the cleanliness classification of the system (P), filters (G, hepa), air flow measurements, air quantity measurements, air quality measurements, pressure ratio measurement, do the adjustments correspond to planned values, environmental conditions, machinery, equipment, ducts, terminal devices, does the system structure correspond to instructions and regulations, does the system include air conditioning, documentation.


Regulations and instructions

The National Building Code of Finland D2, Indoor Air Classification 2000, Housing Health Instruction, Housing Health Guide, Guide to Industrial Air Conditioning, Occupational Safety and Health Act (738/2002), Occupational Health Care Act (1383/2001).


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