Tightness measurement

Tightness measurement

Blowerdoor – Airtightness measuring equipment



Airtightness measuring has a significant role in verifying the technical quality of building work, when the energy efficiency of a building is assessed.

The Act on an Energy Certificate for Buildings (487/2007) stipulates that energy analyses for new buildings use the tabular value 4 of the National Building Code of Finland D5. A smaller air leakage value may also be used, in which case the energy efficiency value is generally better. This requires that the airtightness of the building is measured and documented when the building is taken into use.

The airtightness measurements are performed and the results are interpreted in accordance with the SFS-EN 13829 standard. Quality assurance takes place in accordance with the RT-10974 regulation.


The measurements are performed with

Flir b50 heat camera (S/N: 399002916) / if needed