Site manager

Site manager

Site manager service

A site manager directs the building work and ensures that work is accomplished according to building provisions and regulations, the building permit granted, and good building practice. (Land Use and Building Act, section 122(1)).

The purpose of the site manager service, as required by the Building Act, is to guarantee the quality of building so that buildings will be safe and healthy as well as waterproof, and that they will have good heat retention capacity.


Statutory duties of a site manager

  • Supervises that building permit regulations and designs are followed.
  • Supervises that special plans required by the building permit are presented to the authorities for approval.
  • Submits work supervision reports to the building inspection authority.
  • Books inspections from the building inspection authority.
  • Participates in audits and inspections.
  • Ensures the availability of the design documents required at the worksite.
  • Ensures that a construction work inspection document is prepared.