During the past ten years, the volume of renovations has increased by 3 to 4 per cent annually. The steady growth is expected to continue.

The average age of the building stock in Finland is 30 years. This means that half of the building stock has already reached the age where the need for repairs increases. Certain technical repairs become topical when a building ages. For many technical repairs, the critical age is about 30 years.

When the building stock is examined from this angle, it can be seen that the share of buildings over 30 years of age increased in the 1990s from 30 per cent to 40 per cent. By 2010, the share increased to 50 per cent of the building stock. A large number of buildings have reached or are about to reach the age when technical repairs are necessary.

Renovation procedure


Defining the starting situation

Structures, HPAC system, consumption data, measurements/inspections (tightness and thermographic camera), energy efficiency at the starting point (energy classification), condition of structures and technical implementation.

Selecting the method of implementation = comparison calculations (structural elements and HPAC technology) Presenting the most cost-efficient solutions / building life cycle.

These are included in the renovation package.
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4/13 Ministry of the Environment Decree on the improvement of the energy efficiency of a building in repair and alteration work Issued in Helsinki on 27 February 2013

This decree is applied to buildings where energy is used for lighting, heating or cooling of the premises and ventilation to maintain an appropriate indoor microclimate and where repair and alteration work subject to a building permit or action permit in accordance with the Land Use and Building Act (132/1999) is performed or where the purpose of use of the building is changed.