Moisture survey

Moisture survey

The purpose of moisture surveying is to prevent moisture damage and also to chart the existing situation. The moisture survey is always case-specific and reflects the moment when the survey is done.


Content of a moisture survey

A condition survey can be ordered by the owner/occupant of a building or flat, real estate agent, house manager, housing company, or buyer of a building/flat. A written agreement is always made between the customer and the service provider. The customer shall provide structural drawings and information on previous repairs and repair methods.

The survey is initiated because of moisture damage or suspected moisture damage. The extent of the damage, risk factors and effect on health, and the safe functioning of structures are assessed in the survey. A surface moisture detector is used in the inspection.

The reasons behind the moisture damage have to be determined and the damage repaired. If the damage is not repaired in time, this will result in mould and microbe damage and may lead to a complex problem. Further studies may then be required.


Opportunity for further studies

The extent of the damage may induce further studies. The customer and the service provider will then discuss the starting of a moisture damage study. Structures are opened and samples taken and analysed in the study. These measures aim to establish the extent of the damage and the risk factors. A repair plan is drawn up on the basis of the results.



The results of the moisture survey and study are documented. The document shows the results of the survey or study and determines the condition class of the building. The customers receive the material for their use and the service provider stores the material for ten years.