Condition certificate

Condition certificate

The purpose of the condition certificate is to increase the knowledge of shareholders and buyers about the actual condition of the building and the repairs that may be needed.


Basis for the star classification of the condition certificate

The star classification (number of stars) of the building is determined based on two items: 1.) technical condition and 2.) systematic maintenance. The weight of the first-mentioned is 80% and the last-mentioned 20%. The classification of the technical condition is based on the weighted average of the repair expenses of structural elements and the useful life.

If the inspected building does not have some structural element, such as a lift or balconies, no stars are given for them, but the lack of stars does not affect the condition classification. It must be noted that when the building ages, its technical condition weakens, even if maintenance was not neglected.

As a general rule, it can be stated that the score for the technical condition (five to three stars) is fairly directly commensurate to the age of the building. If there are less stars than that, the housing company has, evidently, accumulated repairs and repair debt.