Camera inspection of pipes

Camera inspection of sewage and industrial pipes

FinnEnergia Oy performs visual inspections of sewage and industrial pipes.
The inspections are carried out with a RIDGID SeeSnake self-levelling inspection camera. For locating, we use the RIDGID NaviTrack Scout locator.


Inspection of installed piping

Visual inspection reveals the working and technical condition of piping and can be used for locating problem areas without digging up the pipe. The locator is used to locate the camera head in the pipe.

The customer will receive a comprehensive report, including an estimate of the technical condition of the pipe and an explicit proposal for further measures.

The inspection report includes short-term and long-term cleaning and repair requirements of sewers and piping. The inspection report is a good starting point for the long-term planning of piping.


Commissioning tests for new piping

The quality of the installation of new piping can be documented and reported before commissioning.

Inspection targets:

  • Sewage pipes
  • Rainwater piping
  • Drain pipes
  • Ventilation ducts
  • Air conduits