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District heating audit

District heating audit

The energy audit for district heating, sponsored by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, is implemented in accordance with the district heating audit model implementation instruction and the model table of contents. The audit model is intended for studying the opportunities for rationalising district heat production, transmission and distribution. Other important considerations include studying the use of renewable energy sources and industrial waste heat in the area.

Energy auditors authorised by Motiva (heat or electricity auditor) or persons otherwise approved by Motiva can act as persons in charge of the district heating audit.


A district heating audit has three options

  • A The whole district heating network and the auditing of power plants linked to it.
  • B The auditing of peak load and stand-by heating stations and the district heating network, when the base-load power stations are in joint production and belong to the energy savings agreement of the power plant sector.
  • Option B supplements production system optimisation, on the condition that the amount of energy sold in the network is above 16GWh/a.