Active energy efficiency

Active energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is part of energy and climate policy at the national and EU levels
The promotion of energy efficiency is part of energy and climate policy at the national and EU levels. The promotion aims to reduce the amount of energy required for producing services, work performance and products.
A key objective of energy efficiency is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions cost-effectively.

Benefits of energy efficiency

In new construction and renovation projects, producing cost savings in energy use, cutting emissions, reducing carbon footprint.

From the perspective of companies and communities, there is good reason for improving the energy efficiency of properties, meaning manufacturing products with an increasingly small amount of energy, as this often generates economic benefits while cutting emissions.

Energy efficiency must be taken into account as part of an environmental permit..According to the new Environmental Protection Act, the development of energy efficiency has to be examined together with other environmental effects.

Joining energy saving measures to the environmental system, enables saving energy and obtaining reliable information about energy consumption for annual energy and environmental reports.


Energy efficiency agreements supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

Improving the efficiency of energy use brings direct financial advantages to companies and communities, and reduces the emissions released from operations to the environment. Savings can even be achieved without investments.

The measures aiming at improving efficiency are based on knowledge about the current status and locating financially feasible areas for improvement. An energy audit is the first step towards improving energy efficiency.

Let’s set a date for improving your energy efficiency

1. Charting the current status of energy use at the company or community

2. Activities based on recommended further measures

3. Suitable for all companies and communities interested in making energy, cost and environmental savings

4. Includes a visit to chart your company’s current status and an interview, written recommendations on further measures, and a cost estimate on further measures

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